Breathe in. Breathe out.

In order to exhale, inhale.  It’s simple.. I don’t think about it, yet my body maintains this rhythm out of reflex and necessity. Sometimes I wish art came as naturally, and sometimes it does. Why is that? What makes creativity a reflex? And why are there times it feels forced?

Maybe it’s just me, but I can spend hours working on a project and get no where. Funny thing is it’s usually the one with an upcoming deadline. Ya see, it’ll start as a harmless, feasible project.. until I let it eat at the back of my mind and morf into an impossible task that I have no chance in hell of completing. My therapy becomes my anxiety. The thought of doing art drains me, and my inspirations seem forced.

Forcing creativity is like trying to exhale without first taking a breath – it just doesn’t work. The acts of taking air in and of letting it out directly depend on each other. Similarly, maintaining the constant rhythmn of taking in life and releasing art is vital.. and something I often forget.

Breathe in. Experience.. life.

Sure, anything I do or go through is a venture that’s redeemable for a purpose, but just because I can cash in the bad times for good lessons doesn’t free me from the consequences.. which aren’t always worth it. I know from experience.

Who I aim to become heavily influences which adventures I consider worth the experience while others are taken on out of boredom. Although now most occurances feel out of my control, I enjoy it. Whether endevors fostor art or waste time, I’ve grown to appreciate an inherent value in the experience.

Breathe out. Create.


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